An economical form of transport for the average commute journey is provided here. The ECO-EXO is a tandem seat trike.
The lightweight machine has been developed to use a variety of scooter engines that range from 125cc to 650cc. The latter being capable of 100mph were as the former would be capable of 100mpg is driven carefully.
The ECO word is also used to describe the build cost of this machine as the chassis is designed to be low cost in production whilst providing a modern stylish appearance that is easy on the eye.
Low cost also comes in to the running of this machine as the road tax in the U.K is only £15 per year and insurance can be as low as £100 per year.
The low centre of gravity makes it stable on the road and being a reverse trike offers improved dynamics over a traditional one front wheel type.
The frontal area is kept small and low so as to make it efficient in terms of air disturbance hence aiding fuel economy.
The letters X and O are built in to the chassis side triangulation tubes.

Design and Build a SPORTS CAR