The Missile

The Missile is classed as a semi exoskeleton design as it features an exposed chassis to the centre and grp panels to the front and rear.
The chassis was developed to provide a very light structure that is strong enough to take a payload of 300kgs for the batteries. Yes it’s an electric car.

Considered a half way house between the Sonic and Rocket models this car can be built using a Ford engine but was intended as a pure EV.
It was decided to use sealed lead acid batteries as the other chemistries such as lithium cost approximately ten times the price of Pb
The weight of Pb being the issue and so to compensate for this the Missile was designed to be as light as possible. This means that creature comforts such as a heater, roof, doors, padded seats etc have been dispensed with in order to create an efficient design.
Range for the Pb version with the highly efficient 3 phase brushless AC motor can be up to 80 miles but add £8000 worth of LiFe batteries and that figure can increase to 150 miles. Top speed is electronically limited to 50mph as higher speeds draw considerably higher current.
Design and Build a SPORTS CAR