R1 Exotrike


MEV Monster

This concept car was developed to present to potential purchasers in an effort to ascertain the potential demand. Launched as a concept car at the Donington kit car show in 2013 it was subsequently modified to the car you see here following suggestions received.

It weighs in at only 710 kgs and yet has an alloy 6000 cc V8 engine that pushes out 450 bhp. That is a massive power to weight ration. It has a De-Dion rear axle set up to allow such huge power to be put down and runs in board shock at the front to reduce the un sprung weight. The sleek contemporary lines flow easy on the eye and a swage line can be followed 360 degrees around the car from the headlight aperture around the rear spoiler kick up and back around the cockpit. Stuart is particularly pleased with the balance of the surface language.
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