R1 Exotrike


R1 ExoTrike

Stuart Mills wanted to develop a motorcycle engined reverse trike for himself but it was quickly snapped up by a client wishing to put it into production. Two wheels at the front and the motorcycle swing arm at the rear was a logical choice in order to reduce the number of components, and therefore the overall weight. No differential is required and the overall dimensions were kept compact by introducing a particularly wide steering rack which left clearance for the driver’s feet to reach the axle line, providing the driver with a “centre of triangle” position. This 2 seat lightweight machine is powered by a 150 bhp Yamaha R1 engine. The exo skeletal work of some of Stuart’s previous creations has been introduced here too. Performance is staggering of course due to the whole vehicle weighing less than one third of a ton. The trike can be registered on the UK roads and has been designed to conform to the VOSA motor tricycle specifications.
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