Stuart Mills was commissioned by a company importing lithium batteries into the UK to develop an electric sports car. The brief was to create an aerodynamic lightweight streamlined all electric sports car. You will see from the above picture that the passenger seat is set slightly back and overlaps that of the driver, this enabled the body of the car to be kept very narrow and hence more streamlined. A DC motor was specially adapted to a transverse mounted five speed gear box enabling current draw to be kept low by utilising the available gear ratios. A 10 kilowatt hour lithium ion phosphate pack was installed which gives exhilarating acceleration combined with a range of around 50 miles. The aerodynamics of the body style were developed in a wind tunnel which proved the shape to be around 30% more efficient than a 7 type car. An electric pump was developed to feed the brake servo which activated a vacuum effect via a brake pedal contactor. A removable storage container was styled to flow through into the rear compartment, and there is also a large storage area in front of the passenger’s feet. The vehicle is now being used to demonstrate the battery technology.
Design and Build a SPORTS CAR