Sonic 7



The car now known as the Sonic7 was launched in September 2008, and designed by Stuart Mills to cater for customers of Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd who like the Rocket but desired more bodywork. The sharp modern styling created a stir in the kit car scene which, prior to the arrival of the Rocket and the Sonic7, had been dominated by GRP 60’s replicas. The vehicle was designed around a bespoke lightweight tubular space frame chassis. Torsional rigidity testing revealed high levels of stiffness whilst the lightweight GRP body panels remained unstressed. The overall styling was based upon the Rocket’s slow curves. It should be noted that from nose to tail the curves run up and out creating a very sleek, sharp, pleasing and yet unusual design. The original wooden pattern or buck for this body was made on the Rocket chassis hence the wheelbase and track width remaining the same, but the chassis itself was then made from square tube to simplify fabrication, so while critical dimensions are retained the overall view of the two cars differs sufficiently to cater for two distinct markets.
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